Thursday, September 15, 2011


Verbal exchange from this morning between my 4 year old son and me:

Helmut:  "Mommy can I tell you something, and do you promise not to tell anyone?"

Me:  "Yes."

Helmut (whispered tone):  "I love Bobby."

Me (Confident): "Honey, you can love whomever your heart chooses to love. Don't let anyone ever tell you anything different......" (Confused):  "Bobby? Who is Bobby?"

Helmut: "You know...Bobby...Bobby Dahl."

Me:  "No, we don't know anyone named Bobby or Mr. Dahl. But if you love Bobby, the I love Bobby too!"

At this point I maintained my confidence in letting my children choose their own paths throughout life and holding back my own dreams and will for them as much as possible.

Later, when I saw him playing in his sister's room I realized I had it all wrong. Helmut was saying Barbie Doll NOT Bobby Dahl. He loves Barbie NOT Bobby! I am such an idiot of a mom. Frankly, I don't care if he grows up and lives with Barbie or Bobby or if they all three live together...he still might turn out to be the best fashion desginer, choreographer, or interior decorator of all time.

His dad has his fingers crossed for line-backer, but I am still holding out for chorus-line. Damn! There I go with pushing my own dreams again. A talking Barbie Doll was once recalled for saying, "Math is tough!" -- Well Barbie, I say math IS tough, but parenting is even tougher.