Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's Message From the Writing Vortex

I just heard Jim Croce sing my life story to me from beyond the grave over my ipod today:

I've been up and down and around and round and back again
Been so many places I can't remember where or when
And my only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend
Never really was a friend at all

I've traded love for pennies
Sold my soul for less
Lost my ideas in that long tunnel of time
And I've turned inside out and around about and back and then
Found myself right back where I started again

Once I had myself a million, now I only got a dime
Difference don't seem quite as bad today
With a nickle or a million I was searching all the time
For something that I'd never lost or left behind


Well now I'm in my second circle and I'm heading for the top
I learned alot of things along the way
I'll be careful while I'm climbing cuz it hurts alot to drop
When your down nobody gives a damn anyway


Wow!  I couldn't have said it better myself.  But of course I will still try!

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