Thursday, March 10, 2011


My first lesbian experience was about 15 years ago with a co-worker from my job as a hospital switchboard operator. Tiffany was a really smart and funny ex-stripper from Southern Calif who asked me to join her for a girl's night out. She showed up at my apartment early while I still had hot rollers in my hair and was running around in my bra and panties under an open short robe. She fixed us both a drink and patiently waited for me to finish dolling myself up for our night out.

As soon as I was dressed and finalizing the finishing touches of my make-up in my hallway mirror, Tiffany approached me from behind and ran her fingers through my hair. Like usual all throughout my life - I had no idea she was coming on to me. I turned to look at her and she said, "Carrie, you look really pretty." I just said, "Thanks!" then reached for more lip gloss. Tiffany grabbed my fore-arm and said, "NO, I mean you look REALLY PRETTY!" then she grabbed the back of my neck and planted a huge sensual kiss directly on my mouth, quickly shoving her tongue inside while pressing her really cute figure up against me.

I was shocked and pushed away quickly and strongly. She looked at me with embarrassment while I said - "Oh Tiffany, I am so sorry - did I give you the idea that this is what I wanted?...Because I AM STRAIGHT!" She apologized and told me how she was bi-sexual and although she couldn't help herself, it was worth the risk to kiss me. At first I was really let down because I had really been looking forward to becoming good friends with her, and now I wasn't sure how to go about it from there.

After I got over my initial disappointment and shock, my curiosity and desire for information flared up. While Tiffany and I sat on my couch I just blurted out all kinds of questions about her sexuality and experiences. I confided to her that being with a woman had always been a fantasy of mine.  I went on about how much I got turned on by "pretty girl on girl" porn - but that I also knew myself well enough to know that MEN were where it was really at for me.

Tiffany was really sweet and humored my curiosity with her honesty.  Next she invited me to, "Just sit back and let her lead our plans for the evening - without me feeling any kind of pressure or discomfort over being my perfectly straight self." Of course we had another drink and smoked a little pot which always abandons my inhibitions and keeps me living in the moment. Abby took us to a lesbian bar in mid-town called "Sweeties" where all the furnishings and lighting were pink. Even though I thought I knew about EVERY cool bar in the city (underground or otherwise) I had never heard of this place despite having several gay friends. Between the decor, lighting, and amount of estrogen in the place - I truly felt like I was inside of a vagina!

As soon as we sat at a table, two women approached us and asked us to play pool. Tiffany jumped up and introduced me as her girlfriend and I went on to play an extremely awkward game of pool with these two fairly butch gal pals. I was so paranoid that they would know I wasn't really "one of them" and so I became extremely uptight. Sensing my discomfort Tiffany kept putting her arm around me while gently caressing my arm or back to try to help me feel at ease.  Towards the end of our winning game she quite surprisingly propped me up on the end of the pool table, put her arms around me, and pulled my hips towards her.  As I wrapped my legs around her she planted a huge passionate kiss on my lips for the whole bar to see. For the first time, I became EXTREMELY turned on and I pulled her closer to me and kissed her back with the same passion. Quickly my thoughts opened up to the ultimate idea of just lying back on the pool table and having the entire bar watch us do each other.

As Tiffany and I lay on the pool table making-out for then entire bar to see, she whispered her desire to quickly go back to my place. We hurriedly paid our bill and jumped in her car, then made our way back towards my place. During the short ride home, Tiffany had her hand up my mini-skirt caressing the inside of my thigh and working her way up to where I wanted it the most. As we got back to my place we giggled about our night out and promptly made ourselves comfortable on the couch.

We continued touching and kissing.  I was surprisingly enjoying it so much that I made the decision to abandon all labels of "gay, bi, or straight" and surrender myself to the pleasure I was feeling and just live in the moment. Before I realized it, Tiffany had completely undressed me and lead me by the hand back to my bedroom. As we lay naked side by side in my bed, I began to feel somewhat uncomfortable about what the hell I was doing until Tiffany went from kissing my mouth, all the way down my body to consume my most turned on area.

Even though I had been with some world class male lovers in the arena of oral pleasure - Tiffany's soft lips and velvety tongue were uniquely sexy and effective in helping me lose myself once more. As she expertly worked throughout the entire valley separating my left leg from my right she began to move her tongue further south. While her fingers were busy entertaining my clit and pussy, I felt her tongue and finger gently tease my ass. I began to uncontrollably moan in a cadence unlike anything I was used to hearing out of myself. Tiffany responded to my outburst with further exploration and energetic enthusiasm.

My entire pussy became incredibly engorged and wet while my excitement brought me to the level of quivering legs, piercing hard nipples, and a silky wetness which just wouldn't stop. I felt my pleasure rise higher and higher as Tiffany's attention to every detail of my womanhood increased with speed and rhythm. I didn't think I could take the ecstasy a moment longer when I felt myself come SO HARD that my entire body shook and my moan of delight turned quickly to tears and sobbing. Now, don't get me wrong - rarely do my orgasms bring me to the point of tears, and it is NEVER out of sadness or anything negative. More like an extreme exercise of tears, joy, and elation - like winning big on a game show or something. A kind of reaction similar to a super-surprising windfall.

After I collapsed and gave myself a couple of minutes to recover, I began to show Tiffany the exact attention she had both given and taught me. While I found kissing her lips, touching her body, and sucking on her tits very fun and enjoyable - the rest of the experience felt extremely unnatural for me. As I began to go down on her, it felt very much like taking a deep breath before going under water. I was way too hyper-aware of everything I was doing and no matter how much I tried - I just couldn't lose myself in the act and feel like I was truly giving. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? Almost like trying to have sex with someone you are not that into - but I really was into Tiffany, only halfway...the top half.

We ended up sharing a couple of more sexual experiences together - one with some guy she was dating and then I brought her to bed with me and my boyfriend (strictly for his benefit). But very quickly, just like so many other friends in my life - once it became hard-core sexual, the friendship suffered and she started acting REALLY strange around me at work. I was really disappointed because she was such a funny and smart girl - and the sex part just wasn't that big of a deal to me. At least not a big enough deal to stop being friends over. Shortly there after I moved to another city and although she called a few times, I quickly lost touch.

Ever since, I have strictly been a passenger on the "Straight Train" and rarely have had any desire to jump the tracks.  The closer I get to being forty, the more and more I find friends from my generation revealing the same types of experience I shared with Tiffany.  It is funny to me now, because just like my five minutes spent in prostitution I truly thought I was the only one in the world who was crossing into (what I then thought to be) a very kinky and twisted area of sexuality.  I am happy now to have decided to "live in the moment" before I was self-actualized enough to know better.  And Ken is very happy as this is one of his most favorite bedtime stories ever!
Red Canna by Georgia O'Keefe
(You canna too, by Carrie Valium)


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